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As Groucho Marx once said, “Growing older is something you get to do if you’re lucky.”

You have either found this site from the link on my Costa Rica guru website or you have found me by the search engines or maybe even some of the other magic that cyberspace is providing these days. If this is your first visit please click here; http://www.costaricaguru.com/ to read my history in Costa Rica or go to Jim’s Bio under About Us on this site. 
I am now spending mixed time between San Jose Costa Rica and Boquete, Panama. I love the altitude, it’s the same as San Jose a/c not needed but a fire place is handy from time to time.

Boquete is about 35 minutes from David the second largest town in Panama. The airport in David is already open to Air Panama for three flights a week to San Jose Costa Rica. International flights are in the works for the end of 2011 or mid 2012.

There is an inland marina in David at the head of the Rio Pedregal very close to the airport. Depending on the speed of your boat it is about 45 minutes to one hour to the ocean with islands and fishing like Costa Rica had 30 years ago.

Tourism in Panama is possibly 30 years behind Costa Rica, the tourism I was a part of helping develop in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. But Panama maybe light years ahead of Costa Rica in infrastructure.

No the “pura vida maje” attitude is not here but that does not mean that the people are not just as friendly, and because the Panamanians worked along side Americans for a 100 years the Panamanian is very straight forward and will say no if they do not have a answer to your question.
I am now seeing Panama growing at warp speed, although the recent economic woes the U.S is experienceing we are seeing here but not as much as one might think. 50% bigger in land area with a population of one million less people than Costa Rica. Land prices here in Panama are increasing at a pretty fast pace but still affordable. With the exception of electricity/telephones/cell phones and cable most every thing else here in Panama is cheaper than Costa Rica. The above mentioned services are about 10% higher than Costa Rica.
Vehicles are only slightly higher than the states so it is my recommendation you do not bring your vehicle to Panama.
There are many links here on this site to acquaint you with various procedures for investing-living-retiring-vacationing here in Panama.

My main focus is Chiriqui, the cool mountains of Boquete and Boca Chica with it’s white sandy beaches on the islands close off shore.
This area is destined to grow similar to the Papagayo region of Guanacaste Costa Rica. Fishing and diving on the Pacific cost of Panama with no exaggeration is as good as it gets any where in the world. The long liner big boats are being held at bay so unlike Costa Rica we still have fish here.

So welcome to Panama, you will enjoy your visit and and possibly your life here no matter your choice of location.  The guru hopes you enjoy this site and it has something to offer you. Panama is a new frontier waiting for us to explore and enjoy.

*You will not find perfection on this site. I am not an accomplished writer and I will make grammatical errors. This site is work in process. Like it or not what you will find here is the truth.

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